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1、 What's high quality made in china?


  Shoesmaking is the traditional competitive industry in Putian.The major mode is international brands subcontracting.As the important production base ofnational footwear industry, from 1980s, Nike and Adidas and other world-famous sports shoes brands treated Putian as the tooling manufacturers.There were many shoes manufacturing enterprises coming up.They have accumulated many shoesmaking technologies and experiences for many years.The footwear industry in Putian owned complete industry chain and top-ranking technology. Footwear industry is the largest industry in Putian. Many footwear enterprises were confused about OEM or set up self-owned brand.Although more than 300 Putian self-owned brands and international famous brands came from the same production line,little people knew them.

From 2010, Putian government increased the policy fostering and breaks for manufacturers. However,Putian shoesmakers which were used to OEM mode 

couldn't find the good direction.They had limited achievement in brand promotion and sales.Finally, there were very few self-owned brands grew up.Liking Putian shoesmaking industry, there were many tradintional enterprises which have advanced manufacturing technology.But their products were not accpected by consumers because they didn't have their owned brands.Many self-owned brands enterprises had teh same felling that the foreign buyer were willing to accept the products, but the domestic buyer couldn't.

     This made the China brands and enterprises realized that the "Made in China" age which the quality was poor and the additional calue was low should came to an end. It should be changed into the "High quality made in china" age which has proprietary intellectual property rights and premium space is enough. Our industry belt isn't lake of the ability of manufacturing, but it is lake of the ability of marketing.Taobao provided the fostering to the sellers who were willing to transite and let many buyers know them.


 In 2015, Alibaba brounght out "High quality made in china". Not only it's the long-term strategic project which Alibaba gave support to

the china self-owned brands, but also it's one of the project which Alibaba will concentrate the important resource and energy to push.The aim of "High quality made in china" is to establish whole set mechanism of supportsupervision and management , to support a batch of high-quality and high-standard slef-owned brands grow up and guide the whole traditional manufacturing enterprises transformate and ungrade.

  In the joint decision between Alibaba and Putian government, the origin station is in Putian. Making shoes is the traditional industry in Putian.Because they manufactured for foreign trade for long time, the footwear industry in Putian had owned complete industry chain and world-class technology.From March 31 to April 3, Taobao cooperated with the government of Putian.They chose the four footwear enterprises which have their owned brands and could stand for the local shoesmaking technology from more than one hundred.They hold the special activities "High quality made in China, good shoes come from Putian ". 

Weng Yuyao,the deputy mayor of Putian City, represented for Clorts,Onemix,SIWIQI,Voit those four brands. During four days, seven models were sold out about 80,000.And it created the record that one pairs of shoes were sold out for every avarage four seconds.This activity brought the transformation and upgranding of Putian shoesmaking industry and firm the desicion that they would use the model of Internet+Traditional manufacturing industry.They knew that they should improve the design levelmarketing abilitytarget consumers and consumer demandproducts quality and lift sales volume to get the consumers' favor.


On July 24,2015,Aliexpress subordinate Taobao declared "High quality made in china Channel" was online.In future, the good self-owned brands which were passed the checking of Taobao would be showed on this channel and they would get the support of enjoying the proprietary marks and marketing.Aliexpress Group would set the strict standard for those brands and enterprises, it also makes field inspection for the interprise scalemanufacture management experiencequality control and research team. And it also introduces the personal authentication and two-dimension code to ensure that each product can be

tracked.Meanwhile, Taobao also introduces the third party testing machanism, all brands and interprises who took part in this activity not only should send the products for testing, they should be sure that it meets the quality standard, but also they should be sampled by Taobao.

     "High quality made in china" is the first online trade platform for the manufacturing concern.It can transfer from "made in china" to "High quality made in china" and finally come to "creative in China".

2. High Quality Made In China, Putian Good Shoes


At the begining of the 2015, Aliexpress Group launched the "High Quality Made In China", Putian was the first station. From March 31 to April 3, "High Quality Made In China, Putian Good Shoes"was online in Taoboa and Hot, the Putian city mayor Yuyao Weng represented for Onemix,Clorts,Siweiqi,Voit those four brands. Within 4 days, the vedio has been played over 500,000,seven models were sold out over 80,000.And it also created the record that selling one pair of shoes on every average four seconds.Among them, Onemix became outstanding. The sale was over millions and millions.The sale volume of each model  each day was over 12,000 pairs.It means that one pair of shoes would be sold in every eight seconds.


This activity improve the positivity of Putian

manufacturing interprises, many interprises were concerned to build up their self-owned brands and upgrade industries by using Internet+ model.From April 21 to April 24,in Hot platform, 17 brands in Putian, over 100 pairs took part in the second phase activity "High Quality Made In China".The common feature of


these 17 brands is that they have the high standard shoesmaking technology which compared favourably with the world first-class brand. During the activity, Putian manufacturing industry sold over 300,000 pais of shoes, the sales volumn was close to 160 million.

      For many shoemakers in Putian, "High quality made in china" was the good chance for self-owned brands which upgraded and developed. In half a month time, more than 50 footwear interprises put forward Internet+ model to the Putian government and Aliexpress Group,took part in High quality made in china and promote the traditional footwear interprises upgrading.Some of these brands are not only selling well in domestic, but also sell to foreign countries. 

3. Onemix


  ONEMIX is the brand of Youth Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.The products major in sneakers.ONEMIX always want to be distictive brands which remodeling the honor of Putian footwear interprise and make the quality better. From the founding of Onemix, Onemix always want to walk out the self-owned brand way, pay ttention to the consumer requirement of consumers, and follow the design concept that "comfortable, fashionable,light and focus on details", and absorb dampingskid-resistence and stability features and also blend in fashionable and tendy design element. It obediences to the elaborate and professional manufacturing tradition and pay attention to the quality of products and self design. After collecting 100,000 foot shape samples, 10,000 lasting standard test, and build the complete shoes last modelling and finally design the products which fit for Asian foot shape and body structure.

    In this activity, Onemix manufacture the shoes according to the strict new standard. Meanwhile, the folding endurance of the shoes experience 60,000 testing,the abradability of outsole should be controlled within 10mm, and the fastness of upper and sole exceeds the two times of the international standard.resoluble harmful aromatic amine should be controlled within 5mg/kg.The peel strength of upper and sole is more than 80n/cm, it'sthe two times of international standard.Onemix is serious about the quality.


In this activity, Onemix manufacture the shoes according to the strict new standard. Meanwhile, the folding endurance of the shoes experience 60,000 testing,the abradability of outsole should be controlled within 10mm, and the fastness of upper and sole exceeds the two times of the international standard.resoluble harmful aromatic amine should be controlled within 5mg/kg.The peel strength of upper and sole is more than 80n/cm, it'sthe two times of international standard.Onemix is serious about the quality.

    The strength of the "High quality made in china" interprises is not the scale, not the output, but the pursuance to high quality.It's not only the exploration of opening the world market, but also the good annotation of the interprises upgrade to quality.As the good interprise which has the good manufacturing ability and good quality, Onemix is outstanding than other interprises.As one of the four interprises which took part in this activity, it brounght the chance to Onemix.And it not only can bring the value which pursuing the quality to consumers, but also it can express the young and energetic and fearless brand gene.

"High quality made in china" changed Onemix's destiny.Onemix improved the brand attention.The success of Onemix has encouraged many interprises which want to establish their self-owned brands. The quality is not only can give the encounrage to interprises, but also bring the new life for those footwear interprises which are struggling for upgrading.

     At the same time, the success of Onemix also means the success of this activity. As it turns out that the new model "Internet+traditioal manufacturing


industry"ont only can improve the quality of products, but also it can transmit the positive energy that "encouraging people to start their own busines and


to make innovations".In this activity, Aliexpress and the government found the keys to upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry, they are quality and brands.

    After this activity, Onemix has been reported by many medias.The success of this activity is the traffic permit to international market.


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